Wednesday, 28 June 2017

♬ Samoa Singing ♬🎤

On Friday Room 12 did Samoan singing with Mrs Folu. The first thing we did was sing some Samoan songs from last year. The first song we sang was AEIOU, then Pepe and Siva Mai. Later on we got split into two groups and have to sing a song. Room 10 and 9 were there and some people had to start the song to give us a tune. Some people got chosen to go up and sing some of the songs.

Monday, 19 June 2017

St Kents

Last week some people were chosen to go to St Kents and I was one of them. When we got to St Kents there were three boys waiting for us. We  followed them to the court.  When we got to the court we were put into 5 groups. Each group, played an activity. At the end of the activity they ask us what do we like the most and why is it fun. When that was finish we all came together. Some boys then thanked us and we thank them back them by singing a Maori song and happy birthday song to Musica. Then it was time for us to go back to school.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


A few weeks ago Room 12 group 1 and group 2 have been doing skipping. We do skipping for at least 15 minutes or 20 minutes. We do skipping 25 minutes before we go home. Our teachers told us to skip as long as we can and if you stop you have to sit down and fold your skipping rope. 5 minutes before home time we have to sit down and wait for the bell to ring and then we get to go home.  

Daily Fitness

Every morning we have to do running as our fitness for 10 minutes, some people just jot it and some people just walk it. We only jog around our senior block. 

Soccer Tournament

Yesterday we had our interschool soccer and it was located at Point England Reserve. The first school we went up against was Glen Taylor and won 1-0. Then the next game started at 10:40 and we were up against Tamaki we lost 0-1. Later on played Sylvia Park, St Pats and Panmuer Bridge. Finally we were in the Final. We played off Stonefields and it was draw and both of the team came first place.

Glen Taylor Won 1 - 0
Tamaki Lost 0 - 1
Sylvia Park Won 1 - 0
St Pats Won 7 - 0
Panmuer Bridge Won 4 - 0

Final Game
Stonefields Draw 0 - 0

Thursday, 1 June 2017

National Milk Day

On Thursday the 1st of June was National Milk Day. While room 11/12 were drinking there milk, Meana took some photo of the room 11 and 12 drinking there milk. National Milk Day to provides the opportunity to celebrate all aspects of milk and dairy products in many countries around the globe.